As storm approaches, governor issues State of Emergency for Kent and Sussex with National Guard ready to assist

Gov. John Carney on Friday issued a State of Emergency in Kent and Sussex counties and authorized the Delaware National Guard to assist state and local efforts.

 Carney also issued a Level 2 Driving Restriction for Kent and Sussex counties and a Level 1 Driving Warning for New Castle County, beginning at 10  p.m. on Friday, Jan. 28. 

A foot or more of snow could fall in portions of southern Delaware with lesser amounts to the north from a powerful storm with high winds coming in from the Atlantic. The storm could produce blizzard conditions.

“We are anticipating a serious storm, and Delawareans in Kent and Sussex counties should stay off the roadways when the driving restriction goes into effect tonight,” said Carney. “That will help personnel from the Delaware Department of Transportation more effectively clear the roadways, and help us provide services to our neighbors most in need.”

The Level 2 Driving Restriction means that no person may operate a motor vehicle on Delaware roadways, except for persons designated as “essential personnel.”  Travel on roads is restricted to certain state employees, emergency workers, first responders, health care workers, utility workers, snow removal operators, private sector food and fuel deliveries, and individuals already approved through DEMA’s State of Emergency Driving Waiver program.

The Level 1 Driving Warning (New Castle County) means Delawareans should avoid traveling on roads unless there is a significant safety, health, or business reason to do so. 

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