Bizarre video footage shows woman trying to HEADBUTT schoolboy, 15, after ‘his mate threw a snowball’

This is the surreal moment a woman throws a punch and tries to headbutt a teenage boy outside his school after heavy snowfall.

The 15-year-old from Springhead, Oldham, is seen with his Saddleworth School blazer gripped by the woman as she appears to try and fight him.

His father, who wishes to keep his son anonymous, discovered what happened when he received a call from the boy’s school last Friday afternoon (January 7).

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Saddleworth had been hit by heavy snow flurries earlier in the day.

The incident, which took place at around 3.30pm after the school day had finished, was captured on video by two of the boy’s friends and shared on social media.

The woman appears to wave the kid away after the brawl
The woman appears to wave the kid away after the brawl

It is believed to have started when another pupil threw a snowball at a car passing outside Saddleworth School, opposite the Spiritualist Church on High Street, Uppermill.

His dad told the Manchester Evening News that the car was travelling in the direction of Diggle when it was hit by the snowball.

He said the woman – seen in the video with blonde hair, a dark top and blue jeans – left the car from the passenger side and approached his son.

The dad said: “My lad and a group of students were coming down the driveway from the school.

“They have crossed over the road, then one of his mates has thrown a snowball at a car.

“I’m not sure if they’ve had a few choice words, but it ended up with this woman going to my son and asking ‘who was it?’.

“He says he won’t tell her – so she grabs him, starts trying to headbutt him and punch him round the back of the head. It’s just bizarre really.”

The boy’s dad says he has been given accounts of what happened from his son, his son’s friends and the school, as well as seeing the two videos circulated online.

“We’re not the sort of parents that would defend him if he’s done something wrong,” he added.

“We’ve only heard that someone else threw the snowball.

“But even so, it’s no reason for her to start throwing punches at him.”

The dad says the incident has been reported to Greater Manchester Police, with a crime reference number of CRI06QQ0000053722.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact the force on its website or call 101.

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