Despite pandemic trading card market booms

FLORENCE, Ala. — Despite a global pandemic, trading cards, games and other collectibles have continued to become more popular and skyrocket in price.

Small business owner Lindsey Harris says the pandemic initially left her family struggling to keep their store open. Less than two years later, they have moved For The Win Game Store into a larger building to keep up with their customers and are one of the most popular trading card suppliers in North Alabama.

“It was really interesting,” Harris said. “We were expecting the worst when COVID first hit, I think, but the producers of the games really took the time to make some neat products.”

Yu-gi-oh!, Magic: The Gathering, and Pokemon are among some of the more popular card games available. Each of the games has individual cards worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Harris says one of the key reasons card games may have become so popular is because of mainstream celebrities.

“There are some celebrities that really vocalized their interest in trading card games, and I think that has contributed too,” he explained. “Like Post Malone!”

Regardless of how or why it happened, the players are excited to be able to continue their collecting hobbies both remotely and in person.

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