Is Online Dating Really That Bad?

Not long ago, I was listening to an online dating couple meet for the first time at Starbucks and while listening I became somewhat fascinated about the new trends in this online dating space. The gentleman was 50-ish and in-shape, clean cut, professional type, and the gal was an in-shape Zumba three-times a week type. They both seemed perfectly normal from the outside. As I was overhearing the conversation the guy made this comment;

I was thinking while out for a walk today – you know – neither of us is doing poorly with online dating, not really, I am certain we both have lots of suitors, after all, we are unique people, that is alluring – the problem rather is that the type of people you or I might wish to spend our precious time with are far and few between. I think this might be a different problem from other online daters. Weeding out those not suited is easy, yet can be time consuming. When I really think about it, I am not so upset with online dating, it is only a tool, and if some use it differently than I do, that is their choice, and it is my choice not to consider all those who misuse it. I have met some very nice people, and had some “bla” meetings and met a few folks with problematic emotional baggage, but they are just people right, humans.

The way I see it is that if you went to the Los Angeles County Fair and I asked you as each guy walked by if you’d date them, most would be no, some would be no way, and some would be hell no, only a few might be; maybe. And, if we look at online dating who is on the site; everyone. Yep, everyone at the fair walking by, nameless people, all putting their best foot forward and embellishing their personage. That’s online dating, and there are good people, worthy people, perhaps even the right person for you or I, somewhere in the crowd. Maybe not today’s crowd, but maybe tomorrow, or maybe at some other fair somewhere or at a beach, or far off land, where are they, that is the challenge, I think it is worth pursuing – philosophically speaking of course; any thoughts?

Wow, I thought, this is getting interesting and then the gal had a number of comments and actually agreed with most of what he had said. Talk about a quick tutorial in online dating I just received while ease-dropping on their first meeting – that was worth the $5 Frappachino I’d say.

Source by Lance Winslow