Man gets £100 parking fine after entering wrong car reg on car park ticket machine

A driver says he was left with an “astounding” fine after being accused of entering his details incorrectly in a car park ticket machine.

Kanti Lad, 65, says he is sure he was correct but was given a ‘Parking Charge Notice’ of £100 for not entering the car registration number in full or correctly.

The tickets from the machine at the site in Leicester don’t show the registration on them so his family says they have no way of proving they paid for the correct vehicle.

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The son, who wishes to remain anonymous told LeicestershireLive, is challenging the ticket on his father’s behalf: “My parents paid for an hour and we still have the ticket. They displayed the ticket clearly in the car.

“A week or so later a letter came through the post saying they had not entered the registration number correctly and they are seeking a stupid amount of money for their mistake.

“How would they even know if they made mistake entering it, if the number is not displayed?”

They still have the ticket for the time they were at the car park, but no registration number is displayed. The son maintains that his parents drove into the car park at 14.09pm, purchased a ticket and displayed it, before leaving at 14.41pm that day.

The driver’s son said he contacted Gladstone Solicitors, whose client is Parallel Parking Ltd, the firm which runs the car park.

“I have had conversations on the phone and emails to and from the solicitor of the firm. It seems they don’t want to know and want them to pay the astounding amount,” he added

LeicestershireLive has seen the response from Gladstone Solicitors which states that “no ticket was recorded against the full and exact vehicle registration number.”

The firm did however, say that their Client, Parallel Parking Ltd is willing to accept a settlement of £140 “without prejudice” as a gesture of good will.

LeicestershireLive has contacted Gladstone Solicitors for further information about this incident and are awaiting a reply.

“It is so upsetting that people who do the right thing are being fined like this,” added Mr Lad.

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